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A Web Accelerator software can provide full acceleration for your routine web sites browsing. With the help of Web Accelerator software you can browse your internet 4 to 6 times faster. Basically these services compress the website text data, images and heavy graphics to open or download this data with high speed.

Web Accelerator software is more useful for static websites and for email applications but don't accelerate with secure and downloading audio or video files. A good web accelerator software retains your system cache to reuse websites with faster speed and can also block windows pop-up.

There are various web accelerator software available on internet for free, visit and download it to enjoy your connection.

Propel web Accelerator is an execellent accelerator software. With this software, web pages generally load 3 to 7 times faster. As per my experence, the more you visit a specific web sites, the better the performance you will receive. It increases the speed of web browsing with all types of connections where speed is a concern.

Here is a list of web elements that are generally accelerated:

HTML text etc.
jpeg and gif images including other graphics files
Banner and ads
Browser-based, POP3 and IMAP protocol emails and attachments
Outgoing SMTP emails including Microsoft office files etc.

It speeds up the delivery of Web pages with the following five ways:

1. Caching
2. Compression
3. Content Filtering
4. Dynamic Imaging
5. Connection Optimization

It works with the following browsers:

* Microsoft Internet Explorer
* Firefox
* Mozilla
* Opera

I'm not saying that this is the best web accelerator. There are lot more FREE softwares available on the internet which may be better that this software. So, before installing any software, choose very carefully. Learn about at least 2-3 such softwares.