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Adsense, for this truly make me really curious, because it's 6 months ago I can't also reach the minimum Withdraw $ 100. Why not, one day average only $ 0.01 to $ 0.10. Sometimes more often zero or naught. What is wrong?

A result of the curious feeling that, ultimately often find information about info-adsense. The most interesting issue that is looking for PPC (High Paying Keyword). I probably appear in the ads, the ads is cheap keywordnya for this.

Now on the basis that I try to play with Adsense PPC is, how? this way

First search keyword of its high PPC with Google AdWords. After the meet, create a blog (that would seriously consider the custom domain) of English discuss issues related to that keyword. Yes its contents can be taken from the free articles, but you can change the article to be fresh content, which hold the locked PPC in a bold, underline, or italics, though more in the crawl content that Adsense ads that appear. If the posting already enough 5-6 articles, submit to search engines Google, Yahoo, MSN. Continue to enter list the social Bookmarking, such as Digg, Stumble Upon, Technorati, and link exchanger.

Well yes I was in the promo blogwalking blog. But blogwalking to foreign blog , say concerning the value of the ads that appear charge also can be assessed from clicker the IP address. I always click on the IP address he said the price is greater ..

Now with the above results daily adsense sizable increase from the minimum of $ 0.10 up to $ 3,o.