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after the world's sorrow by the death of the king of the pop world (King of Pop) and the legend of Michael Jakson, now the news that he said as the bogeyman bogeyman Michael Jackson attracted worldwide attention, namely the emergence of video-like shadow and Michael Jakcson hard as guessing the figure ghost King Of Pop is.

This is her ghost Video Michael Jackson

shadowy figure who looks like Michael Jakson this CNN camera caught the middle to cover the event "Inside Neverland" which includes exclusive interviews with Larry King between Jarmaine Jackson, sister of Michael Jakcson. Events inside Neverland this show on 2 July yesterday, that is, about 7 days after his death minstrel song "Heal the world" is.

The Sun said in the recorded CNN, that the camera captures seseoran shadow running along the corridor. The shadow is passed quickly with the movement left right away.

Michael Jackson ghost, or is true only preposterous third party only?