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I just want to share it, in between you may already know about the secret code it's.

First Trick:

Secret Code Facebook Try the facebook page, log in as you want it or not.

Click on the page is blank

Then press ON, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, ENTER
Last click or type

Later as the effect!

Facebook Secret Code

So how do the changes have not?
If you want to stay removed Refresh page or press F5 on your keyboard

Trick second

Weird language on Facebook
The most left of the facebook page, there will be a link to change language.
Click (instead of English (U.S.) or English into English (Pirate)
Oath...! The strange language.

Trick third

What more Chats
What we're chatting on facebook, can go as emoticons or other ;-(
Now go try:Putnam:
Images appear later someone
This person named Chris Putnam
Who is he?
According to the leader is a specialist software google facebook
May make the chat feature also.

Trick fourth

I mean picture!
Try to open a photo in facebook yours, which is up
right click, select properties like this

next remove the sign until a forward slash (slash)
time I try to remove the slash, which aja

such a

The resulting picture may be different

try this also

Ok just so facebook trick is, I hope it useful. and congratulations to try ...