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I believe Cash for Clunkers Suspended is bad news for those who want to benefit from this program, but what else can be done if the $ 1 billion allocated by Congress for the program needed? Cash for Clunkers program will be suspended starting midnight Friday, 31 July.
Parties from the National Automobile Dealers Association has issued a statement for Cash for Clunkers Suspended:

" We do not have confirmation from the DOT before suspending clunkers program, but if the program is actually suspended, tone will continue working with the Ministry of Transportation to emphasize the importance of each agent is changed to a valid handle. We will also work together with the Obama Administration and members of Congress to meet the consumers showed interest in the cash-for-clunkers program. "

But still, you do not need to panic

Consumers and dealers do not panic. As is known, if additional funds will be provided by Congress for the Cash for Clunkers Suspended problem.


that may need 1-2 weeks to get all caught up and then car sales will continue the program. Hopefully when it returns, then there will be additional funding. Hopefully it ...

If no additional funds provided, the car dealer will get a big problem because there are focused on advertising, staff, and training for 5 days the program was dissolved.

The automotive industry can not handle Cash for Clunkers Suspended.