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Affiliate business is one way to earn money online, but it requires discipline and hard work. Many people have a successes with affiliate business, but they but they would not give the secret for free. I will help you become a trick to success in affiliate marketing business:

Product selection is very important. Products must be something that you yourself are interested and have a good demand in the market.

Create a second step the pre-sell page:
Instead of sending visitors directly to affiliate sites, send them to pre-sell pages that may contain testimonials or reviews on this product. This will help in better conversion.
Step mantled link your website:
In this third trick, you must be able to use your link with your affiliate link cloaking.

You can create your own mailing list. You can retrieve your email address. And offer products that you sell to them with some free promotional eBook. You have your own mailing list will help you to maintain a relationship with your potential customers and offer them your products and services. You can use auto responders to send out automatic email to the members of your list.

Search engine optimization is important to achieve a high ranking in search engines. True SEO techniques (both outside and in the pages) should be applied to your website, this will help you to rank high in search engine results.

Using various forms of advertising to advertise your website. There are several methods for free while some are paid. The most important article is free marketing methods that involve writing small articles about various topics related to your website and publishing their articles in different directories. You can also use banner ads, free classified ads, forum marketing etc. Among paid, is the most effective PPC ads like and Marketing'.
You can use any or all of these methods to promote your website online. It is best to focus on one affiliate web site at once. Once you become successful in promoting it, go for other products and niches.