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OK, here I will explain about How do I install Joomla on the server at localhost.

1. You install the package apache Friends XAMPP in which it can be downloaded click here.
package for windows, Linux for a click here to download.

2. Then what if you have to install XAMPP, you all its good service ftpzila the apache, mysql.

3. Then you download the Joomla package file download it here

4. After you download the Joomla package is no package file extract it to a folder, ie: Joomla, Joomla folder and then you have a copy (for windows) to c: / program files / xampp / htdocs /
For Linux you create a new folder eg: Joomla and then extract the package in your joomla
/ var / www / Joomla
(folder that you created earlier), then change the file ownership is the way:

root @ linuxku: / home / Nisa # cd / var / www /
>root @ linuxku: / var / www # find / var / www / Joomla /-type
d-exec chmod 755 () \;
root @: / var / www # find / var / www / Joomla /-type
f-exec chmod 644 () \;
root @ linuxku: / var / www # chown-R www-data: wwwdata
Joomla /

5. Then you open your browser be it IE or mozilla, type
http://localhost:80/Joomla (according to the folder you created earlier). Do not forget service apache
and run it on.

6. It will appear:
Press Next button, the display of Joomla License:

7. Next click the More button, it will appear:

contents Hostname: localhost
My content Sql User Name: root
empty password
My SQL database contents Name is up for what you want, then click the Next button.
it will appear as follows:

8. fill in the name of the site you want to create eg situsku, and then click the Next button, it will appear as follows:
fill in your email address, and change its password is, the others leave in the default situation.
Then click the Back button Next, it will appear as follows:

9. The sign suggests that this means that you have completed Joomla in the install, and then on the folder c: / program files / XAMPP / htdocs / Joomla (folder that you created) delete installation folder, then open your browser again and run it or type http:/ / localhost: 80/Joomla, if you want to customize your site you choose to stay administrator: input user name: admin and password that you have content at the time of earlier Joomla installation. And If you want to upload your Joomla to the internet you can use ftp fantatisco or whatever depending on where you are hosting what it provides. If you want to create a joomla site for free you can visit the, in the installation guide on the freehostia time, want to come home tired first. Happy to try and work.