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Windows Live Writer is software from new Microsoft software pack called
Windows Live Suite. It provides many useful features for all bloggers including
professionals and beginners. It's really easy to use, with very nice "MSN like"
style, with nice elements and all necessary tools provided. Windows Live Writer
is completely free software which can save you a lot of time. Fully supports
Blogger accounts.
It's really impressive how this great tool works. When you setup your account,
you will be able to add many things on your blog like:
Pictures - Great tool with some unique features like automatic effects or
watermark inclusion, image alt tags, shadows, position and more.
Tables - Insert tables easily in your weblog, without using any other external
applications or services.
Maps - Integrate maps locations in your blog. Very easy and useful feature.
Powered by Microsoft Virtual Earth application.
Tags - Easily insert tags for your blog posts. Supports tags from Technorati,
LiveJournal, Flickr,, ice rocket, 43 things and more.
Insert Video - Easily upload or insert video to your weblog using this function.
Great tool for blogs with lot video integrated.
Insert Hyperlink - Of course you can add links with this nice tool. Advanced
options are available also. So everything you need is here.
One of the great features is that you can preview your post within your blog
template, without any database mistakes and you can easily do that even
offline. Really great way to see how everything will look in the future. It's like
"live" but offline function, really great addition for this kind of software.

Note: You will need this tool for the next important step!


This is also very useful factor for best SEO results of your blog. By default,
Blogger doesn't support self-pinging service. That's why you need to download
Windows Live Writer from above step.
Try to use Windows Live Writer when you write posts on your blog. It's much
better and can save you much more time than writing in Blogger default
WYSIWYG integrated Editor.
Each time you publish post via WLW, you can ping other services that you have
updated your post in real time. By this way, you will speed up search engine
submissions on search engines. Also this service can give you better SERP
(Search Engine Result Page) positions.
Open Windows Live Writer and go to Tools > Options > Ping Servers. Check box
that you allow to ping servers and Copy – Paste following URL's in available

From now on, every time you publish post on your blog by Windows Live
Writer, you will automaticly ping all above services and announce them that
something is changed on your blog.