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To do so is to copy or copy the JavaScript code below into your web pages. Then place it before the tag <HEAD>, or placed before the position of the image.

<SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript"> <!-- // copyright 1999 Idocs, Inc. // Distribute this script freely, but please keep this // notice with the code. var rollOverArr=new Array(); function setrollover(OverImgSrc,pageImageName) { if (! document.images)return; if (pageImageName == null) pageImageName = document.images[document.images.length-1].name; rollOverArr[pageImageName]=new Object; rollOverArr[pageImageName].overImg = new Image; rollOverArr[pageImageName].overImg.src=OverImgSrc; } function rollover(pageImageName) { if (! document.images)return; if (! rollOverArr[pageImageName])return; if (! rollOverArr[pageImageName].outImg) { rollOverArr[pageImageName].outImg = new Image; rollOverArr[pageImageName].outImg.src = document.images[pageImageName].src; } document.images[pageImageName].src=rollOverArr[pageImageName].overImg.src; } function rollout(pageImageName) { if (! document.images)return; if (! rollOverArr[pageImageName])return; document.images[pageImageName].src=rollOverArr[pageImageName].outImg.src; } //--> </SCRIPT>

copy the code below again to put a picture on your pages.

<a onmouseover="rollover('home')" onmouseout="rollout('home')" href=""><img alt="PC Guru" src="" border="0" name="home" /></a> <SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript"> <!-- setrollover(""); //--> </SCRIPT>

Finished, Save your page, and then refresh.

NB: This script will be problematic if used in the BLOG, should only be used on the Website only.